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A Sign of the Wines

The new year has arrived and with it a sense of renewed optimism and possibility. Whether your intention is to spend more time with friends and family, seize the moment, or simply treat yourself, a glass of wine is the perfect thing to pair with positive manifestation.

We recently asked two talented members of our Bon Appétit team – our server Alessandro, and bartender

Kathy – how they would pair some of the following items:

From the Field

Rack of Lamb

A truly gorgeous cut of meat, the rack of lamb is a staple item on our menu and is also a holiday feature from time to time. On Christmas, we served a Roasted Rack of Lamb with a Toasted Almond & Sage Crust, and Lamb Demi-Glace. For just a succulent, herbaceous meal, our team suggests pairing with the French Clos de l’Oratoire des Papes Châteauneuf-du-Pape.

This vintage red wine is dry, yet bold on the palate – the perfect complement to any lamb dish.

Filet Mignon

Delicate, tender, and worth every bite, the filet mignon may signify celebration, but a perfectly cooked meal starring this cut is cause for celebration. Recently served over a Crispy Potato Pancake with Black Truffle and Chive Béarnaise for our Christmas Eve Dinner, our team suggests pairing with a wine that can hold its own without competing with the dish. In this pursuit, they feel Cesari’s Valpolicella Superiore Ripasso is up for the challenge. This dignified wine has a strong, oaky presence sans overzealous flavor.

From the Sea

Chilean Sea Bass

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This is an entrée that makes a regular appearance on our holiday menus, most recently paired with crispy parmesan arancini and a bath of rich lobster & sherry cream. Our team recommends the Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc: a bright and herbaceous white wine from New Zealand with a strong emphasis on citrus and tropical flavors. It pairs especially well with the lobster & sherry cream while playing foil to the parmesan arancini.

Taking the seabass in another direction, this year’s Christmas menu offered a more traditional take with eggplant caponata and a port wine gastrique. For this pairing, our team recommends another white wine: the Kettmeir Pinot Grigio. This aromatic wine features the sweet, fruity notes of apple and pear to perfectly accompany the seabass, reflecting the port wine gastrique.

Lobster Tail

An indulgent fillet of lobster tail deserves a drink to match. Our team identified the Krug Grand Cuvee Champagne as the perfect pairing for this seafood selection. On New Year’s Eve, we served broiled lobster tail with charred lemon and sweet melted butter – these gentle flavors are complemented royally by the Krug Champagne, which is a blend of more than 120 wines from 10 different years.

From the Forest


One of our most requested and most beloved dishes, venison takes on a delicate, buttery texture when prepared with care. For the new year, we are offering a venison entrée that also boasts Pumpkin-Sage Spaetzle, Roasted Oyster Mushrooms, a Blackberry Gastrique, and a demi-glace. Such intelligent flavors deserve an equally impressive wine pairing: our team recommends the Belle Glos Pinot Noir, a premium noir from California with strong notes of plum, sweet spices, and cranberry.