148 Marina Plaza

We’ve all seen the photos and heard the news: shipping delays, supply chain disruptions, and inflation abound. Fortunately, the merchants of downtown Dunedin have a solution for your holiday woes. Shop local! Not only is shopping local good for our community, convenient, and fun – it’s also a great way to meet new folks, many of whom are our neighbors! Unlike at chains and big-box stores, our local business owners are often standing behind the register, or ready to help you pick out the perfect present. So make the commitment to shop local this holiday season – you’ll be glad you did.

Here are some of our favorite local gift ideas for this holiday season:

1. Gift Cards

It’s nearly impossible to buy a gift that never goes bad, never goes out of style, and will actually beused. Gift cards to our local merchants (like the Bon Appétit Group gift cards that can be used at either Bon Appétit or Café Alfresco *wink wink nudge nudge*) are an awesome way to invest in your community while giving an evergreen gift.

2. Pampered Pets

Whether it’s doggy ice cream or a trip to the doggy day spa, it’s no question why we often hea the moniker ‘Dogedin’ used to describe ourcommunity. From the newly opened Salty Paws Doggy Ice Cream to craveable canine confections at Woofgang Bakery, you can’t go wrong pampering a pet owner’s fur baby.

3. Gourmet Goodies

Our friends at Spoiled Rotten on Main Street are living the good life, as evidenced by the everpresent samples that surround the shop.Their products offer an instant upgrade for any room of the house: fragrant candles, upscale soap dispensers, and quirky cocktail napkins, jus to name a few.

But for us foodies, we love the variety of mixers and housemade dips they offer.

4. Local Art

Dunedin is filled to the gills with local artists,galleries, and art shows! Get a truly unique gift that directly supports our local community of makers and adds beauty to any space.

Some of our favorite galleries include the Painted Fish Gallery,Studio 1212, and the Dunedin Fine Arts Center.

5. Native Florida Greenery

Seeds Dunedin, our neighbor on Main Street,offers one of the most interesting and immersive retail experiences in all of Dunedin. As soon as you step inside, you’re completely surrounded by living, breathing plants.

Not only do they have an incredible variety of potted houseplants, and knowledgeable staff to help you select and take care of your plant – they also have a number of cute accessories to help integrate your new greenery into your space.

6. The ‘Dunedin Experience’

From the Dunedin Blue Jays to the Dunedin Fine Arts Center to the Dunedin Downtown Bike Tour – we love giving gifts that scream, “only in Dunedin!” This season, consider giving the gift of the quintessential Dunedin experience, like a class at the Fine Arts Center or tickets to a Blue Jays game.

One of our favorite ways to get immersed in Dunedin is on a Downtown Bike Tour with our friend, Russ!

7. Quality Time

Honeymoon Island is the crown jewel of Dunedin, and one of our favorite places to kick back, relax,and unplug from the ‘real world’.

While it won’t stuff any stockings, the gift of quality time is enduring and memorable. Take advantage of the gorgeous amenities in our backyard to make the most of time spent together!

Starting in November, the Honeymoon Island State Park staff are leading island tours and beach walks – swing by and explore this boundless treasure.