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Everybody loves a party theme, and weddings are no exception. Wedding couples are getting into the theme spirit and serving up creative ways to share their personal story, from where and how they met, to their mutual love of music, their cultural heritage, special foods they love, and more. Wedding planner for Bon Appétit Weddings in Dunedin, Florida, Nancy Williams, shared some of the wedding themes she’s helped organize at their beautiful waterfront wedding restaurant and event venue on picturesque

St. Joseph Sound.

1. Mardi Gras themed wedding

“One couple met in New Orleans at the Mardi Gras parade. The Mardi Gras theme was reflected on the cake, decorations, favors, and even in the way they greeted their guests (with beads, of course), during the cocktail hour. Their theme told the story of how they met. The effect was casual, fun and memorable.”

2. Rock and roll themed wedding

“For another couple, the groom was a musician, and the cake pictured the place where they’d met. The bride had been a fan of the groom’s music, and they met at one of his gigs. At their wedding, they gave the cake baker a picture of a mural in the city where they’d met, and the baker recreated the picture on the cake. They wove the theme fully into the reception, even using painted rocks as place cards. It was uniquely them.”

3. Boho wedding theme

A love of bohemian décor was the theme of another wedding, pulled from the bride’s extensive collection of boho rugs, fabrics and artifacts. Her wedding gown was a beaded boho dress. The bride did such an excellent job with the boho theme, she plans to start a business with pop up picnics that are boho-themed.

4. Traditional weddings still rule

Are traditional weddings a theme, you ask? You bet they are, and pulling out all the stops is one of the ways we’re seeing traditional weddings level up. Many couples want elegance, more special touches, and bigger parties that last the entire weekend. They’re even keeping photographers busy clicking from the cocktail reception, through the ceremony dinner, and dancing. Decorations are getting more elaborate, as well. And guests want to get dressed up again and look great in those wedding photos.

5. Layer on the special features

Couples are adding other special features, like photo booths (sometimes with hats and party accessories to make it fun), photographers are booked from the time of the wedding until the wedding party leaves, and they’re adding sweets to the wedding cake table – literally candy and cookies around the cake that are traditional to the family. According to Nancy, “Grandma makes the family’s favorite cookies, and we let them bring them in. We want their day to be special to them.” Decorations at the reception are also getting more creative and colorful.

6. Memory tables

One of the most popular ways to celebrate those who have made an impact in our lives is to create a memory table filled with framed images of family members and dear friends that have gone before us. The table can include framed poems, as well as candles, artifacts, and flowers or greenery. It’s a special way to honor our loved ones and show that they will remain forever in our hearts.

7. Waterfront weddings

Waterfront weddings are popular, but there’s more than one way to achieve them. If you don’t want sand between your toes and prefer a more elegant vibe than a beach wedding, have a wedding at a venue that’s on the waterfront. Bon Appétit Restaurant in Dunedin, FL, is situated on St. Joseph Sound. Upstairs from the restaurant is a large banquet space with a 180-degree water view, the Crystal Ballroom, that looks out onto the sound. The restaurant also has a private pier, Sunset Pier, that can accommodate up to 65 people. If guests are standing during the ceremony, the pier can hold up to 100. However, Nancy says, if you go that route, keep the ceremony short! The setting at the pier is stunning, but it’s breezier than you might think, so brides need to plan their hair style accordingly.

The restaurant’s upstairs banquet space is a few short steps from the pier and equipped to provide outstanding food and cocktails. It’s the perfect ‘marriage’ of location and services, and it comes with that same stunning water view.

Want to find out more about a waterfront wedding on St. Joseph Sound in Dunedin? Contact us now to get the conversation started.