148 Marina Plaza

Name: Christina Poynter
Email: paiges51@yahoo.com
Comment Topic: Restaurant Staff
comment: Sunday night my daughter attended a birthday dinner for a friend at your restaurant – around 10/15, 16 yr. old girls. They were so happy and proud to be dressed up and celebrating. When I went to pick my daughter and her friend, the whole way home all they talked about was how rude the waiter was to them and told us quite a few things that he said and did to them. I understand they were a large party of young girls but it’s not an excuse for rude behavior from an adult. Your restaurant was a HUGE splurge for them, and they were excited and proud to go to a fancy restaurant to celebrate and he just took that from them. It’s really sad actually. He should know and understand that everyone of those girls probably went home and shared their experience w/ their parents – 20-30 adults. Service and reviews mean a lot to potential customers, and I cannot speak for the other parents but after my daughter’s treatment I will not be a future customer or recommend your restaurant. It’s a ripple effect – those 10/15 reached out to 20/30 , etc…
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