In case you haven’t noticed yet, we’re hailing the return of a couple of menu favorites:  the Seafood Tower and stone crab claws are once again on the menu at Bon Appétit.

Stone crabs are only available from October 15 to May 15 in Florida. Stone crab fishing and claw collecting are highly regulated and it turns out that stone crab claws are a renewable resource.  How you say?  I’m glad you asked!

By law, stone crab claws can be removed when claws are a certain length and only one claw can be removed from each crab. People who fish for stone crab remove one claw carefully and return the crab into the ocean alive. It turns out the stone crab claws can regenerate. How cool is that?

Go ahead – order those stone crab claws. You’ll enjoy the  sweet meat and feel particularly glad that the animal didn’t have to give it’s all for your enjoyment!