20 oz. lobster with grilled corn, potato and melted butter

One of Bon Appétit’s most popular events, the Maine Lobster Festival, is back this summer. Extending its run from July 1st through September 30th, this year’s menu is set to surprise and delight lobster lovers! The all-day menu is available for lunch and dinner, whether you dine with us indoors or outdoors.

Chef Klaus presents a diverse slate of lobster plates that each focus on the tender meat found within the crustacean’s shell. From lobster linguini, flambéed with sherry wine and paired with delicate mushrooms, to a 20 oz. selection of lobster cooked-to-order with grilled corn, potatoes, and melted butter, this year’s selections highlight the lobster’s sweet, subtle flavor.



How Maine Lobster went Mainstream

Lobster has not always carried the connotation of luxury as it does today. When European colonizers first landed in North America, the shellfish could be found in such abundance that it was commonly used as a fertilizer! Settlers were introduced to the crustacean as a source of protein by American Indians who cooked seaweed-wrapped lobster under hot rocks – providing the basis for the traditional New England clam bake.

Throughout the 19th Century, lobster was a common food group of prisoners, slaves, and children in the United States. Industrial lobster fishing allowed the price of the shellfish to remain relatively low, doing no favors to its reputation. However, by the end of the century, the plentiful crustacean gained popularity in major metropolitan areas of the Northeast. The price shot up as new ways of preparing lobster transformed it into a culinary canvas.

Source: History.com

Maine Lobster Festival Menu 2021

1. Lobster Bisque

Enjoy this flavorful summer soup during Bon Appétit’s 2021 Maine Lobster Festival, finished with sherry wine and topped with whipped cream.

2. Lobster Cocktail

Indulge in this hearty lobster cocktail, served with Cognac dressing.

3. Lobster Wedge Salad

A refreshing, seasonal salad with succulent lobster meat, crispy bacon and savory bleu cheese crumbles.

4. Lobster Roll

A staple fare of New England, the Bon Appétit lobster roll is presented open-faced and garnished with fresh fruit

5. Lobster & Avocado Stack

A rich and refreshing option, the lobster & avocado stack is offered with European brandy dressing.

6. Lazy Man’s Lobster

This shelled lobster dish is served with truffle butter over a bed of angel hair pasta, and paired with a side of asparagus.

7. Lobster Linguini

Lobster linguini is flambéed with sherry wine, and plated with mushrooms and lobster sauce.

8. Lobster

20 oz. Lobster is prepared to order – either steamed or broiled – with grilled corn, potatoes, and melted butter.

9. 8 oz. Lobster Tail

A select portion of lobster meat, the tail is broiled before being served with melted sweet butter.

10. Surf & Turf

A meal like no other, Bon Appétit’s Maine Lobster Festival menu is highlighted by this 8 oz. lobster tail presented with either a 5 oz. or 8 oz. filet mignon.