Who says Florida doesn’t have seasons? We still have ten entire days of Maine Lobster season left to celebrate here in Dunedin!

Join us through the end of September at Bon Appétit as we bid farewell to our annual Maine Lobster Festival. For years, we have been proud to dedicate a seasonal menu to these succulent crustaceans, and for years they have fulfilled their delicious potential. Come enjoy this fan-favorite festival with both traditional and reinvented dishes, including our award-winning Lobster Roll! Explore our entire Maine Lobster Festival menu below and reserve your table!

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Enjoy Seasonal Seafood Selections

From Dover Sole to the breathtaking majesty of our Seafood Tower, Bon Appétit’s reputation for superior seafood has been built up over the decades. It’s our pleasure to serve only the finest Maine Lobster caught in peak season, and beyond the masterclass preparation and presentation, the exclusivity of in-season Maine Lobster makes it that much more delectable. From traditional and hearty to elegant and Haute, explore the Lobster creations prepared by Chef Klaus & Co.

Lobster Bisque

This creamy yet delicate bisque is one of our most popular items from our Lobster Festival Menu. Finished with sherry wine & topped with whipped cream, this is a dish that is not to be missed.

A bowl with lobster bisque and whipped cream

Surf & Turf

A dish fit for royalty, our Surf & Turf boasts a succulent 8oz. Lobster Tail and a perfectly prepared Filet Mignon.

A plate with Lobster Tail and Filet Mignon, outside view of St. Joseph's Sound

Steamed Lobster

One of the crown jewels of our Maine Lobster Festival is the steamed lobster – a hearty 20oz. Maine Lobster served with a side of grilled corn and potatoes, and clarified butter.

Steamed lobster paired with grilled corn and potatoes, and clarified butter

Lobster and Avocado Stack

This popular and effervescent dish is one of the most requested entrées during the Maine Lobster Festival each year. Tender lobster is stacked on top of refreshing bites of avocado and is served with our famous European Brandy Dressing.

Lobster claw on top of stacked avocado with European Brandy Dressing dotted around plate.

Lobster Cocktail

As scrumptious as it is pleasant to look at, the Lobster Cocktail is the perfect appetizer when you’re enjoying a martini from our outdoor bar. Enjoy this popular plate of tender lobster, crisp cucumbers, and Cognac dressing.

Cucumbers line the outside of a martini glass with lobster, to the side is Cognag dressing and lemon.

Lobster Roll

Can you really celebrate the glory of the Maine Lobster without this time-tested dish? Enjoy our open-face Lobster Roll, which comes with fresh fruit on the side. We’re proud to say that our Lobster Roll has been nominated in Creative Loafing’s Best of the Bay Award 2021 in the category of “Best Lobster Roll.”

An open-face lobster roll with pineapple, grapes, and strawberries on the side.

Lazy Man’s Lobster

Lobster has such a wonderful flavor, many of our Maine Lobster Festival dishes allow the meat to speak for itself. One flavor profile that doesn’t just pair well, but truly enhances the lobster flavor, is that of truffle butter. Enjoy this indulgent bowl of angel hair linguini with shelled lobster, asparagus, and truffle butter.

A bed of angel hair pasta topped with deshelled lobster, asparagus, and truffle butter.
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