It seems that when a discussion comes up between brides and grooms one of the most common phrases is “How much is it going to cost for the…… (fill in the blank with your vendor and/or wedding option of choice)”?  I believe most couples go into planning their wedding with what they feel is a realistic budget and idea of what they want and need for a successful and joyful event.  Once you start the actual planning process it seems that budget gets quickly washed out to sea.


This is why it is so important and helpful when looking for a wedding and/or reception venue to work with a place that has cared enough about their brides and grooms to put together packages with as many inclusions as possible – negotiating with their preferred vendors to get not only the best prices for their couples, but also putting together packages to save time and stress for the couple.  This is something we have worked diligently to do at Bon Appetit Restaurant.

Our Special Events Coordinators know how important this day is, and the packages they have put together save the bride and groom an average of 30% off of A-La-Carte prices for things that they need and want such as butler passed hors d’oeuvres , bar packages, wedding cake, linens and valet parking just to name a few.  (You can check out Bon Appetit Wedding packages by clicking here.) Having a professional coordinator who can help manage these things and having one all-inclusive package price to figure out your bottom line is a huge relief for most couples.  No more managing payments to a dozen different vendors for a dozen different services.  Almost everything you need is figured into the package price and that means you are paying one location for many vendors and Bon Appetit will take care of the details.  Whew!  Now you can move on to more important things … like planning that honeymoon!!!

Contact us today to set up a time for a personal tour of our banquet rooms and to go over the special details of your event.  Your expectations are important to us and we would love to help you create beautiful wedding memories.