Our petite desserts are a hit. You’ve picked your favorites; how about a fragrant, hot beverage to complement those delicious flavors? We have an idea – one of our specialty coffees.

We’re no coffee shop, but we do have some awesome specialty coffee drinks. Peter, the owner, and Kenny, our head bartender, highly recommend them. Judging by their popularity, we’re sure you’ll like them, too. And they go splendidly with our petite desserts.

Here are our recommended pairings:

  • Irish Coffee with Irish Whiskey – Not only do we top this off with whipped cream, but we also top it off with crème de menthe. It’s perfect with the Chocolate Peanut Butter Torte.
  • Mexican Coffee with Kahlua – Coffee with sweet coffee liqueur may sound like too much coffee, but is that really a bad thing? No! It’s even better with the Pecan Pie petite dessert.
  • Italian Coffee with Frangelico – Coffee with a taste of hazelnut and topped with whipped cream? Don’t mind if we do. Have it with our Raspberry Chocolate Chip Cannoli for a full Italian-inspired dessert experience.
  • Jamaican Coffee with Tia Maria – Not wanting a drink that’s too sweet? Like the Mexican Coffee, this also has coffee liqueur, but isn’t as sweet as the other choices here. If you like your sweets to be mild, this is perfect, especially with our fruity Mango Cheesecake. Magnifico!
  • Baileys Coffee – Of course, we can’t forget about this sweet, classic combo. An even better combo? Baileys Coffee and our Belgian Chocolate Chip S’mores.

Skip the Starbucks run after dinner. A Bon Appétit coffee drink and petite dessert, enjoyed inside or outside admiring the water view, make for a splendid treat.