Long before Starbucks became a household name in the states, Julius Meinl, an Austrian-based coffee brand, had already established the coffeehouse scene and set the standard for premium roasted coffee across Europe.

In 1862, Julius Meinl, a merchant in Vienna, Austria, became the first European to offer his customers fresh roasted coffee. Over time, the business continued to grow and today is found in over 70 countries worldwide, including the United States.

Although the brand isn’t as widely known stateside as say, Starbucks, Meinl is beginning to grow in popularity. Here in the Tampa Bay area, you can find Julius Meinl offered at On Swann, an eatery in the trendy Hyde Park neighborhood of Tampa and now at Dunedin’s waterfront restaurant, Bon Appétit!

Julius Meinl Espresso and Cappuccino at Bon Appetit Resaturant in Dunedin, Florida

Bon Appetit’s executive team had been considering adding Julius Meinl products for some time and this year, after attending a hospitality trade show in Orlando, Austrian co-owner, Peter Kreuziger and Austrian-born manager, Christian Schrangl. knew it was time to introduce Julius Meinl to the restaurant’s coffee offerings.

“While growing up in Austria, I enjoyed Julius Meinl Coffee because of its intense aroma. There is nothing better than waking up to the smell of a perfectly brewed cup of Meinl Coffee. You can truly taste the quality and freshness in each espresso or cappuccino.”

In addition to the quality of the coffee, the presentation of the product is another element that sets the brand apart. For example, at Bon Appétit, Julius Meinl beverages are served in a proper fashion, on a tray with the appropriate dishware and flavoring accessories such as, sugar cubes, lemon and cream. “The presentation alone transforms the experience. Something both our European and American guests appreciate,” adds Christian. “It really brings to life the coffee house experience they are known for.”

Julius Meinl Cappuccino being made at Bon Appetit Restaurant in Dunedin, Florida


Julius Meinl is the type and quality of coffee that you take your time enjoying, in the European way. Picture yourself relaxing, engaging in great conversation with friends while slowly sipping on a cappuccino, as you would if you were travelling Europe, except now your backdrop is the beautiful waters of St. Joseph Sound.

There’s no debating it, Europeans know good coffee. Instead of larger portions with less flavor, they go for smaller portions, packed with flavor. Quality over quantity as the saying goes, so it’s really no surprise Julius Meinl has been successful for over 150 years, not just with coffee but also with tea.

Julius Meinl is nearly as famous for its tea blends, which have been imported from the best tea plantations in the world since 1894. As with their coffee, the fresh aromas and quality of the tea are meant to inspire slow enjoyment and socializing. Prepared with the same level of care, your server will arrive at your table with all the accessories for an excellent tea experience, including your own teapot. They will then present the Julius Meinl tea box, filled with a variety of exotic flavors such as Apple Black Currant, China Green Jasmine alongside classics likes Peppermint and Earl Grey for your choosing.

Once you choose your Julius Meinl beverage, we take care of the rest. All that’s left to do is sip and savor! So, what will it be; espresso, cappuccino, latte or tea?