Bon Appetit Restaurant has been on the St. Joseph Sound waterfront in Dunedin, Florida, for almost 40 years. It has never moved, and Peter Kreuziger and Karl Riedl have been the owners since day one. It’s a busy restaurant, especially around dinnertime and weekends, with a steady stream of returning guests. How many other local restaurants can say that?

So why do people come back to Bon Appetit? Many of Bon Appetit’s regulars come back for the food, service and the gorgeous view of the water. A couple mentioned they had attended weddings at Bon Appetit, and even recommended the restaurant to newly-engaged couples. But it turns out there are other reasons why they always return.

It was the first restaurant one couple went to when they moved to Dunedin. It was the restaurant of choice for another couple’s family meals several years ago. One of the regulars even mentioned how the friendliness of the bartenders and servers makes each return worthwhile.
The point is, you found a comfort in a beautiful atmosphere with a level of food quality that’s hard to find. That homey feeling you found in this casual resort setting had led to the longevity of this iconic Dunedin restaurant.

We’re starting a blog to open the doors more to our “home,” so to speak. Think of our blog as a constant housewarming party- we’ll be showing you all around Bon Appetit, including what goes on behind the scenes. Join us – there’s more to come.