Did you hear? The Bon Appétit Group received an exciting award recently. On January 24, 2019, co-founder, Peter Kreuziger attended the Clearwater Regional Chamber of Commerce’s annual meeting and award ceremony where he received the Large Hospitality Business of the Year award for 2019.

The Clearwater Regional Chamber of Commerce puts a great deal of effort into deciding the award recipients. Each nominee completes a detailed questionnaire and, if selected into the final round, is visited by a panel of judges for an in-person interview. With so many incredible businesses in the Clearwater – Dunedin area, being nominated is an honor indeed.

So, what were some of the deciding factors?


Forty-three years ago, Peter Kreuziger and Karl Riedl opened the doors of Bon Appetit Restaurant. Since then, the business has expanded into The Bon Appétit Group, which includes several restaurants and real estate operations within Dunedin and Clearwater, Florida and numerous beach and park concessions.


From the very beginning, providing unique experiences with exceptional service was the company’s core value. While there have been many changes throughout the years, wavering on exceptional service is not one of them! In our modern-day world, we see service slipping away, but for The Bon Appétit Group, it’s what sets us apart from all the rest.


Adaptability to change with the times is no easy feat, however, it is crucial to business success. For the Bon Appétit Group, technology and innovation are welcomed but met with careful consideration and discussion amongst all levels of the organization. This is to ensure each change genuinely aligns with the core value of providing excellence in service and experience.

For example, both Bon Appétit Restaurant and Café Alfresco restaurants in Dunedin added interactive iPad menus within the last year. By introducing this technology, restaurant guests have the details for each entrée literally at their fingertips. In turn, this allows the server to provide streamlined and efficient service, making the guests’ experience better overall.

Our People

True leadership recognizes the importance of every employee and position. As a large business with multiple divisions, it isn’t easy to keep every team member motivated.

That’s why regular training sessions and open communication are woven throughout the organization. The outcome is a highly-trained, knowledgeable team with all the tools necessary to be the best in their job. Because of Bon Appétit Group’s investment in its team, many employees have remained loyal to the company for decades. Alberto Sanchez, Weddings and Events banquet captain for Bon Appetit Restaurant, recently celebrated his 30th anniversary with the company. A milestone like this is almost unheard of in the high turnover restaurant industry.

A heartfelt thank you

These were a few of the top reasons we were selected. If it wasn’t for our longtime visitors and guests, like you, we wouldn’t be where we are today. So, thank you, thank you, for choosing Bon Appétit Restaurant to celebrate a special birthday. Thank you for stopping into Café Alfresco for a delicious weeknight meal. Thank you for visiting Honeymoon Island and enjoying a day at the beach or kayaking over to Caladesi Island. Thank you for visiting Dunedin and for trusting us to make your experience memorable. Thank you for letting us serve you and our community for over forty years. And thank you for giving us the opportunity to be recognized as Large Hospitality Business of the Year. With this momentum, we will continue to serve, improve and innovate into 2019 and beyond.