Each year come June, wedding coordinators, venues and photographers across the country find themselves going non-stop through October. Meanwhile here in Florida, things begin to slow down. Thanks a lot, humidity

Seriously, though, if you’re newly engaged or planning on setting a date for your big day, don’t totally dismiss summer beach weddings here in Florida.

The truth is, Florida is absolutely beautiful all-year round. Does it get hot? Sure, but believe it or not, we’ve found some really good reasons you may want to consider a summer wedding after all.

Here are 3 Reasons to Consider a Summer Wedding in Florida:

1. Less Competition

Native Floridians know better than anyone how hectic things can get during the snowbird/vacation season (November – April). Not a native Floridian? Just trust us on this…

The prime wedding season in Florida just so happens to be perfectly aligned with the same months mentioned above. Guess what that means – aside from local brides competing for their ideal dates – you’re now also competing with destination brides. Not to mention competing with corporate conventions and regular vacation goers for hotel room space.

With only so many venues and in-season dates, most venues are booked out a year or two in advance, making it difficult for couples who want to get married sooner.

2. Outdoor Weddings & Receptions Can Be Tricky

We’re willing to bet your Pinterest feed is adorned with an array of images depicting the perfect outdoor wedding. What the perfect Pinterest pictures don’t tell you, however, is how the couple spent the last three days before their wedding scrambling to make sure everything was in place and then received notice from the venue that doesn’t specialize in outdoor weddings saying they could no longer have an open bar and no music or DJs after 8 PM. Um, say what?

Yeah, this can and does happen. As if getting married wasn’t stressful enough, right? Not to mention, it’s all too easy to blow your budget with an outdoor wedding. Between finding different vendors, setting up, breaking things down, decorations, it’s all #toomuch. There’s hope though if you select a venue that specializes in outdoor weddings and receptions.

Luckily, we know a way brides can have the best of both worlds. Have your cake and eat it too, if you will. Choosing a venue with a great view of the outdoors, say of St. Joseph Sound, is a great way to achieve the vibe of an outdoor wedding without any added last minute headaches.

For example, venues like Bon Appétit Weddings in Dunedin, FL, will provide several wedding package options and a wedding coordinator to assist with the overall planning of the big day. Think of it this way: coordinating indoor weddings is a total cinch since you’re only dealing with one location and not multiple vendors. And, since they are a fine dining establishment, you can be sure the food options for your cocktail hour or reception will be amazing.

3. Unique Wedding Photos

Remember our earlier conversation about Pinterest? Imagine your wedding becoming a popular Pin, you’ll be pin-famous! If you’re not into that sort of thing, no worries. We’re just talking hypothetically, but that is how AH-MAZ-ING your wedding photos could be.

Hosting your wedding during the summer months will give you the luxury of finding some really awesome backdrops for wedding photos without having to wait for crowds to get out of the shot or off the pier you’re patiently waiting to use.

And if you’re worried about those spur of the moment rain showers unique to Florida, don’t even bat an eye lash because the change in the clouds and sunlight on those days can create some epic colors and scenery for your photographer to capture.

Bonus: Special Offers

Yes, we did say 3 Reasons but we appreciate you reading to this point, so here’s a little bonus…

Watch for special promotions from venues! As we established earlier, from November through April is wedding go-time but come May and June, there is a drop-off and wedding coordinators will usually try to encourage brides to book a summer wedding with a little extra incentive.

For instance, at Bon Appétit, we’re offering a complimentary special Chef’s Dinner for Two for any wedding reception booked through the months of July through October. What makes this dinner so special? Unlike any other dinner at Bon Appetit, couples will enjoy exquisite views of St. Joseph Sound from a waterside table for two. Calling this dinner romantic would be an understatement! When you’re enjoying a view of the bay with an especially delicious meal, it will feel as though the two of you have the whole bay to yourselves.

Back to having a summer wedding in Florida…

No matter what month or date you choose for your big day, we hope you found our 3 Reasons to consider a Summer Wedding in Florida useful.

Can you think of any benefits we missed? We’d love to hear from you!


[Updated April 2018]